Canopy can help to facilitate conversations about how to handle loved ones' end-of-life decisions.

“The guilt caregivers feel for making decisions for a loved one who has not clearly expressed their wishes can be overwhelming. The more simple and routine this process can become the less suffering for everyone.”

Canopy facilitates the conversations about the end-of-life that we aren’t having, but maybe should be. Through a simple application, Canopy walks users through the questions and answers they might need someday. It features a balance of both technical and human questions, the ability to share in your own words—through video—what you would like, and a legal document users can easily share with loved ones and health providers. Currently only 26% of Americans have an advance care directive, and there are clear socioeconomic and racial disparities among those who do possess an advance care directive. As modern medicine makes end-of-life decisions more complicated and more needed than ever, we believe everyone should be able to have these conversations. Canopy enables individuals and families to take steps today for managing the difficulties of tomorrow.

School of Public Health Innovation in Action; Zell Lurie Institute advising; Zell Entrepreneurship and Law Clinic