Last year, Made at Michigan featured more than 80 student ventures, and many students have continued to build on their work and grow their ventures. Here is a look at their progress. Follow the progress Find Your Ditto™, Canopy, UTK: United Technologies for Kids, FoodFinder.


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FoodFinder is a registered nonprofit organization that uses a website and mobile
app that makes it easy to locate and learn about the nearest food assistance programs.

FoodFinder’s recent accomplishments include:

  • Formalized a partnership with Poverty Solutions to conduct outreach to thousands of food assistance programs
  • Voted unanimously into the Alliance to End Hunger, a coalition of 90+ national organizations in the fight against hunger that includes members such as Feeding America and the Congressional Hunger Center
  • Featured in Forbes, Hypepotamus, and Fast Company since August of 2017
  • Accepted into the optiMize fellowship and awarded a project grant of $5,000
  • Won 3rd place in the Impact Track of the Michigan Business Challenge for a total of $3,000 in funding

“Always start with a problem and never the solution. It’s the easiest thing in the world to simply assume that your product or service is what people need, but entrepreneurship is an exercise in extreme empathy. Startup ideas may arise from personal experiences, but successful companies can’t be built to solve a problem faced by only a handful of people. The focus of entrepreneurship should always be the people you want to serve.”—Jack Griffin, Ross School of Business, BBA 2019, Founder