Last year, Made at Michigan featured more than 80 student ventures, and many students have continued to build on their work and grow their ventures. Here is a look at their progress. Follow the progress Find Your Ditto™, Canopy, UTK: United Technologies for Kids, FoodFinder.

Find Your Ditto™

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Find Your Ditto™ (FYD) is a mobile application that provides in-person peer support opportunities to patients with chronic illness. FYD offers benefits for both patients and healthcare systems: patients who want on-demand, personalized peer support receive improved care, while healthcare systems that want patient initiatives that preempt a shift in reimbursement models receive improved health outcomes and, therefore, improved reimbursement potential.

Find Your Ditto’s recent accomplishments include:

  • Launch with Wayne State Community Health for Detroit Medical Center Emergency Department patients with diabetes
  • Successful iteration of mobile technology for iOS and Android
  • Participation in Desai Accelerator, Summer 2017 Cohort

“When Find Your Ditto™ was in its infancy, we knew we were solving an enormous pain point for patients—chronic illness management was devastatingly isolating. But as we move into 2018 and beyond, we know that FYD can also play a role in a critical change in healthcare—out with fee-for-service reimbursement; in with value-based reimbursement. Find Your Ditto™ gives these healthcare institutions the opportunity to promote positive, data-driven outcomes for their chronic illness populations, ultimately ensuring their preparedness for this impactful shift.”—Brianna Wolin, College of Engineering, BSE 2016, CEO and Founder.