For people with limited access to transportation, Caravan streamlines existing transportation services to increase their accessibility.

Caravan improves mobility for people with limited access to transportation, particularly those without phone data or credit. By matching riders and providers, Caravan formalizes and streamlines existing car-and ride-sharing behavior among neighbors, nonprofits, and others. Currently, residents have to register for each nonprofit transportation service separately, a cumbersome process. Conversely, vehicles provided by nonprofits often sit empty. Caravan addresses both of these problems. By ensuring access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation, Caravan hopes to improve access to education, nutritious foods, employment, healthcare, and leisure.

Graham Sustainability Institute; Dow Sustainability Fellowship; SPH Innovation In Action; Center for Entrepreneurship Jump Start grant, Edward Ginsberg Center, Community Engagement Grant, Michigan Library Student Mini-GrantZell Entrepreneurship and Law