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Starting a new venture is tough—entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. We welcome guest lecturers, project partners, and alumni entrepreneurs who would like to participate in the Innovate Blue ecosystem. If you have skills and experience that you’d like to share, please contact us and learn about the many ways to help University of Michigan entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship education at U-M attracts a thriving ecosystem of mentors, funders, alumni, and other supporters who give their time, money, and advice to help our students succeed. Interested donors can help fund a variety of opportunities for the next generation of innovation and entrepreneurial leaders.

Engage in entrepreneurial education opportunities.

U-M’s Innovate Blue ecosystem provides a variety of programs and resources for students. Whether you have an idea for a new venture, or want to learn more about how you can use your skills to help support emerging entrepreneurs, contact us. We’re invested in helping students succeed. Visit our comprehensive website below to learn more about courses, the campus-wide minor in entrepreneurship, treks, competitions, workshops, networking opportunities, and more.

Turn Research into Impact.

The University of Michigan helps faculty and researchers bring new discoveries and technology to market. Find the resources that you need to succeed through the Office of Technology Transfer, Fast Forward Medical Innovation, Michigan Engineering’s I-Corps program and more.

Faculty can also explore Innovate Brew, a program that randomly pairs faculty from different backgrounds for a 30-minute coffee each month.

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