Last year, Made at Michigan featured more than 80 student ventures, and many students have continued to build on their work and grow their ventures. Here is a look at their progress. Follow the progress CARt, Neurable, PreDxion Bio, Elegus Technologies, and Girls Rock Detroit, Kulisha.


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Neurable’s patent-pending technology interprets intent based on users’ brain activity, enabling real-time control of software and connected devices using only the power of the brain. The company is developing a software development kit for integration of its technology with virtual- or augmented-reality content and headsets.

Neurable recently raised $2 million in seed funding to bring its software platform to market, and the company’s software development kit (SDK) will be released to select developers in the second half of 2017.

“Our goal is to build a new platform for human-computer interaction,” — Ramses Alcaide, Rackham Graduate School, College of Engineering, PhD 2016, Neurable CEO and founder

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