Last year, Made at Michigan featured more than 80 student ventures, and many students have continued to build on their work and grow their ventures. Here is a look at their progress. Follow the progress CARt, Neurable, PreDxion Bio, Elegus Technologies, and Girls Rock Detroit, Kulisha.

Elegus Technologies

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Elegus Technologies is commercializing lithium-ion battery technology based on Kevlar, the material found in bulletproof vests. Through research at the university, Elegus has developed technology that enables safer, longer-lasting batteries for electric vehicles and consumer electronics. The lithium-ion battery integrates Kevlar to allow battery manufactures to increase energy density without compromising safety.

Elegus’s recent accomplishments include:

  • Announced a $1.5 million joint venture with two Michigan battery makers, XALT Energy and Energy Power Systems
  • Received $175,000 in funding from the MTRAC Transportation program run in partnership with U-M Center for Entrepreneurship, Office of Technology Transfer, and Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Selected to participate in Techstars mobility Detroit

“We’re excited to be partnering with battery manufacturers who recognize the problem of safety and energy density. XALT and EPS understand the problem, and their long-term vision aligns with ours. Things like the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles just cannot happen without gains in energy density, battery longevity and safety. It’s a great partnership for all parties.” — John Hennessy, College of Engineering and Ross School of Business, M. of Entrepreneurship 2014, CEO and co-founder

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